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The luxury to choose is not a reality for queer folks yet.” But that has to change.Which is why in May this year, Srini, along with Dolly and Karan launched their all-inclusive dating space for the queer community.Though this decision worries their almost-60-year-old daughter, Eva (Isabelle Huppert), Georges has reason to reject her interference.Like the former student (French pianist Alexandre Tharaud) who drops by during his next trip to Paris, Eva expresses concern only after hearing news of Anne’s stroke, but is otherwise too busy with her own music career to check in with her parents.The scenes between Eva and the older couple feel strangely formal, more like job interviews than comfortable family time, especially when compared with the casual intimacy seen between the two leads.Alternating between static shots and simple, intuitive camera moves, Haneke may have established his aesthetic in collaboration with d.p.I narrated this story during my first informal conversation with the co-founders and volunteers of ‘Amour,’ an online dating project.

It’s a community driven platform to bring together queer individuals, from the whole spectrum, across India; thereby increasing the inclusivity coefficient of the community and empowering individuals with information and experience sharing A cisgender homosexual man looking for a monogamous relationship must not be allowed to dictate the type of relationships maybe a transgender pansexual man or a genderqueer asexual person or even another cisgender homosexual man/woman are looking for What is startling about all those queer dating apps or sites out on the internet, from the gay-centric Grindr and Planet Romeo, to a women-only app called ‘Dattch’, is that while rolling out the red carpet for one or more than one gender and/or sexual identities, they weed out various other identities.” There is a global phenomenon of dating apps being highly selective – from “no Asian, no black, no Muslims” to “no fems, no fat, no oldies.” Andy, one of Amour’s moderators, also commented on keeping this space open: “It just felt wrong.I finished my contract and returned to the Philippines where we both met face to face for the first time and there were sparks!We are now excited to welcome our 1st baby next month!Michael Haneke’s most intimate film in nearly a quarter-century, “Amour” relates the tragic final months in a relationship with at least six decades’ worth of history, as a concerned French husband cares for his increasingly irritable wife in the wake of two debilitating strokes.Considering Haneke’s confrontational past, this poignantly acted, uncommonly tender two-hander makes a doubly powerful statement about man’s capacity for dignity and sensitivity when confronted with the inevitable cruelty of nature.

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