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However, without Harry and Ron's influence on Hermione I believe she would have developed into an anal-retentive rules monger and authority sycophant that would have appealed to Percy Weasley.

If you had an issue with her portrayal in Mercenary you may want to stop reading now.

I snap of a couple of quick Bludgeoning Hexes followed by a pair of Stunners trying to take this little bastard down quick without hurting him.

Unfortunately, the bright purple bolts of light tell me my prey doesn't have the same level of regard for my health and wellbeing. Two minutes later I am standing over the unconscious form of Ryan Mac Donald, a Yank wizard from Oxnard, California.

, generated a huge amount of reviews outraged that Dumbledore's crowd won or got away with betraying Harry.

Well, your wish is granted and here is the second part of the story.

The Muggle authorities thought the girls were brainwashed with 'mind-control drugs' but couldn't find any traces in the girls' systems.

It was only when a FBI agent mentioned the bizarre case over lunch to a colleague from the Magical Investigation Bureau that a magical element was considered.

Harry has had time to recover from his imprisonment and mature a bit.

A lot of people were also outraged with Hermione's character in Mercenary.

Personally, I believe it is because they are all lusting after Emma Watson which is completely understandable.

With typical Potter luck, I wandered into the middle of the fight as Marie Gastone took down the last of the five witch Auror team sent to capture her. When the fallen Auror team's backup arrived, I had Gastone disarmed and stuck to the wall using a Parseltongue coded version of the Permanent Sticking Charm and was using healing charms on the two Auror witches still alive.

In the dark she assumed I was also an Auror and attacked me. (You needed to say the release word in Parseltongue.

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