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Crusaders Sterling offers options of both retirement savings account and voluntary contributions for employees.Currently, their fund price at N3.0184 is the highest in the industry.

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As a matter of fact, the company was selected as the best performing pension fund administrator in the country in 2014.Also they educate their retirees on life after retirement, entrepreneurship skills and opportunities.They also counsell their customers on the best retirement savings account which could either be annuity or programmed withdrawal.We’ve decided to help you along the way by providing a list of the top 10 pension companies in the country.10 Best Pension Companies in Nigeria #1 ARM Pensions Manager Arm & Resources Management Company (ARM) Limited was one of the pension firms that were given the licence to operate by the Federal Government in 2005.The company is led by Emmanuel Ikazoboh along with a team of highly experienced professionals.

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