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There are bugs they will claim are fixed, which aren't. I hope this miscrits will never be gone again like happened last time. Amazing but glitches Glitches in the character selection creating characters randomly, not being able to be deleted.

The email link in the game tells you to use the forums, but their forums are broke so that new people can't post on them. And lags when creating characters creating frustration, needed to be restarted multiple times. Problems I love the game on both computer and phone but on my phone it acts up with having the scanning sign staying on screen and not taken off sometimes and having a notice when I am searching for miscrits saying" please wait for a minute or so." Please fix it. I wouldn't recommend playing this unless you're under the age of 12 and are easily amused by "pretty lights". Almost 4 Years Been playing this game for so long and yet this game keeps getting better and better.

Now it's on mobile app and for 2 weeks been playing with no problem, now all of a sudden after I log in all I get is black screen. Uninstalled app and re installed and still doesn't work. I'm just overreacting because I always play miscrits in facebook but I'm sooooooo happy that there's this that's not in fb so thank you thank you thank you soooooo much, but you know I just saw this app now.heehee Ive been waitin When I play I was already rank 200 and something couse like I was a miscrat fan it is really fun a must download. The email link in the game tells you to use the forums, but their forums are broke so that new people can't post on them.

Its like pokemon ecxept you capture usina a majic book and the book works as a pokedex and same fighting system If I spoiled it for you sorry Rare miscrits??? Giving them such a good stats means making it easy for the people who hv it. Some times the moment the battle starts the game strucks... If these bugs are fixed the game deserves a 5***** Daily Spin Error What the heck is going on with the daily spin? Its written that you can claim your rewards on 1st feb. When emailed again about this, they just ignore you.

I can't get in I just started playing and I am rank 30 in my Facebook account but my brother accidentally uninstalled the app. Hangs a lot during opponent battle The game hangs a lot in platinum arena. When the battle starts, the miscrit takes a lot of time to attack.

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It's still active, I can press back on my phone and get the "do you want to exit" phrase, but other than that everything is black. Pls help me if u help me i give 5 star Doesnt work I launch the game and press start new game but then its just a black screen i waited 15 minutes and still nothing if press the back button it says do you want exit miscrit if i press no it goes back to the black screen if i press yes i go back to my homepage i tried everything reinstalling clearing cache and even data still nothing i thought it was just to do with the tutorial but it doesnt even let me create a charectar it just goes black i even import my Facebook account but it still doesnt work its a shame its one of my favourite games to play Issues Ive been a long time miscrits player.

Please use cache memory instead of using our data so much for loading each and every time! Awesome game but buggy I am using moto e 2nd generation. I have a little one that will fill up all of them with randomness. And I STILL can't even go into my first miscrit battle! Good Okay my accounts have returned and the game is running now but there is still a couple issues.

My screen resolution is a major bugs are fixed but it still didn't fix my resolution problem pls fix guys. Mostly with my old accounts not disappearing after having been deleted, and not being able to battle the second magicite without the game force closing.

It was a good game a few years before and now u hv made it easy for the people who can buy gems and buy thos crits.. Yesterday I got to spin and suppose to win platinum but after the spin, there is a window said “Something got wrong, please try again later", and so it happen again today and I was suppose to win a relic. Guess what its 1st feb and its going to be 2nd feb soon still and I still can't claim them. Its fun but not perfect Its alot better from when it started i just dont like that my miscrits were taken away cause developer was to lazy to make a code work for all of them now i have a lvl41 character with no miscrits.i guess im a npc that wanders the maps lol This app suck! I lost so many battle in the b.a because u always disconnected me from the game EVERYTIME! Seriously, save your money for a company that actually gives a crap about their players.

Battle arena rank gone down Its lagging in the battle arena.which causes me to lose my turn always and lose the to this my battlearena rank gone soo low that might not be in top 10% and claim my monthly reward.....? So my darn question is, how in the hell could I try it again later if the daily spin only appear on your first log-in for that day, how in the hell should I collect that platinum and relic? Now I cant level up my crits because of the disconnection! March 16th Update: So, since you begged for a new rating after the update, how about minus 2 stars?

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