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Troy from Taggaz is listed on Boyscort & the Chocolate Drop classified. Sometimes if you send a quick email or DM to these they'll tell you if they're available whether you're interested or not. R65 , Both Tiger Tyson & Castro were shitty performers.

R63 , Andre Bolla was always a hot & hairy older bear. Tiger was hot enough to pull off his Top Only/No Foreplay shtick when he was younger but it got tedious the older he got as his looks faded.

Mike Mann is one of the hottest motherfuckers I've ever seen in gay porn. Too bad as a performer he's about as dull as a warm glass of tap water.

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He was talking n after shoot no more talking and I guess no more Payments . He doesn't Test non of His Artist since 2012 when I started first 3 times I no some them young Models don't have a Clue What it is They Agreed to. Some people were not feeling him because they think he acts like a white queen.Here is what he had to say."My Experince with Blk Rayne?Well Started off Kool me n boyfriend Bama Had Filmed in our Town with Que, Pay was Lil Suspicious with a Check instead of Cash But it Cashed.The truth is that a well hung and built black gay man doesn't have to do porn to be a successful escort who makes much more money than any porn performer or any white male escort.Most of the guys who do urban porn are either desperate for money or have dreams of stardom.

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