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My balcony floral color pallet is light pinks to dark purple so in keeping with that scheme I made this chandelier type wind chime with plastic and crystal beads of pale lavender and hung all from a violet crystal bracelet.I incorporated some of the aluminum tube chimes that are so overused because the sound quality they produce is dependable, which is no doubt why we see them used so often.These next chimes are hung from an upside down fancy feast cat food can covered with gold holographic ribbon. Its rainbow of reflected colors mesmerize me so I use it where and when I can.The chimes are brass rings left over from macramé projects.The chimes are steel belt buckles meant for canvas strap belts.They make a lovely light tinkling sound when the wind is strong enough to move the entire unit.It is obvious to me today that I was more interested in enameling than wind chimes and didn't know much about them back then.Now I know that glass pieces make good wind chimes as may copper pieces but glass glazed copper chimes makes a very peculiar sound when striking against one another.

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It is a welcome contrast to all the different ringing and tinkling sounds of glass or metal.The metal is light enough for it to make noise in just a light breeze while only an on-coming storm brings many of the other's to life.The armature is a metal filigree medallion hanging from light weight chain and the hook is from scrap costume jewelry. It is a small novelty metal watering can hovering over a tiny bucket of artificial violets.There is only one side of my balcony that is open so only those wind objects sitting near the edge ever catch any wind.That's OK though because I find wind chimes that are too loud and ringing constantly are annoying after a very short time and I'm sure most neighbors would agree.

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